We're Creating a Path to Employment

Through Our Strategic Workforce and Targeted Local Hire Programs

We're Improving the Wellness and Safety of Our Employees


Jody Yoxsimer


General Manager

William Weeks


General Manager

Aram Kouyoumdjian


General Manager

Wendy Macy

General Manager

Raul Lemus


General Manager

Bruce Whidden


Executive Director

Susan Nakafuji


Services Chief

We're Supporting the LAPD in Deploying
10,000 Police Officers 

We're Encouraging Employees to
Take Charge of Their Careers

Through Past Achievements

We're Paving the Road for Future Goals

We're Changing LA!

We're on Our Way
to Becoming the
Employer in the Nation!

We're Leveraging Valuable Resources to Further Our Efforts


We're Active in Our Community

FY 2016 - 17 Budget

  • We reduced exam backlog with additional staffing and $598,000 in contract services

  • We launched the Targeted Local Hire Program to create a path for City employment for underserved communities

  • We attracted diverse candidates to our Police and Fire forces with $560,000 for recruitment and advertising efforts

  • We improved employees' safety with our Safety Engineers

  • We modernized employee data management systems with $322,000 and implemented an electronic employee folders system

  • We delivered over $600 million in employee and workers' compensation benefits

We're Supporting a Diverse
Fire Department

City of Los Angeles

Personnel Department

FY 2016-17

Annual Report

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Our FY 2017-18 Goals

Employees of                 the Quarter

Jolene Reyes & Lupe Durazo

Jolene Reyes and Lupe Durazo were recognized as Personnel Department’s Employees of the Quarter for Summer 2016. Between the two, they processed over thousands of pages of official records, all the while maintaining a pleasant and out-going demeanor.


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Partnering with the Mayor

On Tuesday, April 25th, our Recruitment staff attended the Engage L.A. event at the Getty House.